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The Lateral blog is home to all the latest sideways takes from The Lateral Gang. Come here for all the fantasy advice nobody else is talking about. Learn HOW to think about fantasy football, not just WHAT to think. It makes a difference.

The Lateral Youtube Channel

Come watch videos and streams with the gang as we explore fantasy football topics throughout the year. No need to be an expert already to understand us. We meet you halfway and have fun doing it!

The Lateral Podcast

Have fun streaming The Show With No Name, The Lateral Weekly Variety Hour(ish) and more shows coming soon on The Lateral Podcast Network. These pods are hosted by the gang (@HermsNFL, @McLateralFF, @ZackyNFL, and @BaconGamesJesse) attempting to disrupt the norms of fantasy football strategy and philosophy to reshape how this goofy game is played.

About the Team

The Lateral is a fantasy football blog founded by Charles "Herms" Herrmann and Malcolm McMillan, two Washington D.C. area fantasy league mates and long-time pals. Our primary focus in the off-season are player evaluations, draft-related content, and having a good time. In-season, we track and forecast the waiver wire, notable injuries, and other relevant news that impacts the fantasy world. As the team keeps growing, we get to bring more content to the regular fantasy football player. We shape the way you play, we don't just tell you what to do.

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